Yes that's right! REAL one to one LIVE tuition over the internet on Skype!

Click here to download Skype. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a lesson or to chat if you'd like more info about how it works. It's easy actually;-)

This is the ideal solution for people who don't have a local tutor and need some professional help. Click HERE to go to the contact page to arrange some lessons! My Skype name is desbloke.

A Skype lesson between me in the UK and Matt and San Francisco. Thanks to Matt for offering to record our lesson:-)

If you want an online lesson, all you have to do is email me with a list of things you would like to cover and give me some days and times you can be available.
Don't forget to tell me which Country you live in, so we can take any time differences into account.
Click here for a time zone site.
This shows the 'live' time here in the UK.
I will email you back with a time that suits us both. Once we are agreed on a day and time and payment has been received, we are ready to go!

I stay up pretty late into the night, so teaching someone in the USA who might be 5 or even 8 hours behind the UK, isn't a problem.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.
Online lessons are available NOW!
I provide one hour lessons costing £27.
Click here for a currency converter if you live outside the UK.


Payment must be sent at least 48 hours before your lesson.
This confirms to me that you plan on attending the lesson and will guarantee that I will be online at the agreed time.

If I do not receive payment 48 hours before the lesson I cannot guarantee I will be online at the agreed time.
If we have agreed on a lesson time and payment has been received and you fail to meet online, regardless of the reason for missing the lesson, there will be a 50% fee. (£13)
Also, 48 hours notice is required for cancelling a lesson, or there will also be a 50% charge.
Please understand that I make myself available for the lesson, take time to set my equipment up and will turn down any other work , so I could loose out if there is a no show. Having said that, I will always try and re-arrange the lesson during the same week without a charge. Doing that works better for both of us:-)

Feel free to contact me via email about these real online lessons:

We can arrange a time convenient for both of us and providing payment has been recieved 48 hours in advance, I will meet you online and help you with whatever you want.


"Des showed me almost a whole solo during the 30 minute lesson!! You don't even have to leave your computer!!!!! We were able to talk and play riffs back and forth over the internet and It was very comfortable. How cool is that?!?"
Larz Labarge, Florence, Alabama USA.

"I've been having lessons from Des for over 6 years, 4 of which have been over Skype. I had been playing for around 20 years, but wanted more - Des pulled apart my playing and built it back up and gave me great bends and vibrato that I just couldn't summon before. So, if you are a beginner who doesn't know the neck from the bridge, or someone similar to me that needs more of a guitar coach than a guitar tutor, I can highly recommend Des!"
Matt Rowley, San Francisco USA/Scotland UK.

I have had several lessons in the past, and only one from Des, and I have to tell you...I learned more from Des in that one lesson, than I did in all the others combined. Des has the ability, and know how, to relate the material to you the student, to where you understand the aspects of playing, and how to play the right notes at the right time. There is no pressure and the way Des explains things, usually leaves you the student without any questions. He really makes the lesson fun and enjoyable. Take a lesson and you will never take one from anywhere else again.
Ryan D Hackney, Texas USA.

"As a bass player, i wanted to get more insight into how those 2 extra strings worked on a guitar! Now i have been shown Major, Minor and Dominant Chords within half an hour and had them explained fully, it is now down to me to use that knowledge and work on what i have been taught. thank you."
Andy Jeens, Liverpool, UK

"I always wanted to take guitar lesson but unfortunately, i don't have a music school in my town. I discovered this web site and decided to try the online lesson. It worked VERY WELL. Des is able to help you as much as if you were in front of him. He his very patient and helpful. I did discover a lot of things I was doing wrong just in the first lesson!!! Thx."
Luc Poulin, Québec, Canada

"I decided to try an online lesson with Des because I didn't have the time or transport to go and see him in person. There were a few things that were bugging me about my guitar playing and Des gave me some really invaluable info, very worth my while. I wish this guy lived next door!"
Rory Connor, Birmingham, UK.

"Des is a very talented individual that I look forward to learning a lot from. I’m 24 years old and this is the first time I have ever had a lesson, but I have been playing all my life. He really opened my eyes that there are techniques that I have never taken into consideration. For someone that has been looking for a guitar mentor that plays in the style of Randy Rhoads, my guitar idol, Des is perfect. His style of playing is exactly like Randy’s. It is as if Randy is playing himself."
George McGill – Bartow, Florida, USA.

"I've been playing by ear for a while now. I've also read some guitar books here and there. The books helped a little, but nothing compares to getting lessons from a real person. It's best to have both a live teacher AND the books. I learned a lot just in my first lesson with Des! I feel like I'm really making progress for a change. The way he started me off really made sense, and has given me a good foundation to build on and eventually become a good solid player....he also showed me mistakes I was making, and no book can do that! I'm glad I decided to take lessons from Des!"
David Denson Venus, Texas USA

"I would strongly recommend Des Sherwood as a quality guitarist and patient teacher. He is one of the pioneers of internet guitar lessons and online lessons are a really convenient way of learning.
Even if you are an advanced player you will still learn a lot from Des and check out the Final countdown solo for speed and accuracy!!
Thanks Des for your help and inspiration."

Rod Ross, Guitar teacher and songwriter - Scotland, UK.

This is the beginning of the future of 'real' online tuition. I did my first online lesson in 2003 and it was years before I saw other tutors offering this service.